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  • 10 Most Promising Waste Management Service Providers - 2020

    We have now reached a stage when we have to give great importance to the waste that we are generating and come up with ways to manage this waste. Today, more than 50 percent of the total solid waste generated remains untreated and is dumped on landfills due to the lack of efficient waste management systems in India. With the population increasing at a rapid pace, there is nothing stopping the generation of waste, so the only thing that we can do to deal with that waste in the most efficient and effective way. India is the second-most populous country and with people living in close proximity, we have to take necessary actions starting now, so that our streets and rivers do not overrun with garbage. The situation in India is so bad that the cities share top positions as the most...

10 Most Promising Waste Management Service Providers - 2020

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Abellon CleanEnergy Abellon CleanEnergy By Sandeep Dave, Growth Director A leader in waste to energy in India with proven experience of over a decade of generating renewable energy from urban and agricultural waste.
EnSURE Consortium EnSURE Consortium Sunit Nibheria, Founder & CEO An elite waste management solution provider committed towards providing specially designed and developed waste management products.
GPS Renewables GPS Renewables Mainak Chakraborty, CEO A waste-to-energy technology company that is pioneering the development of clean and low-cost technology for waste management solutions.
Green Worms Green Worms Shameer Bava, Founder , Jabir Karat, Founder Dealing with the generated waste through innovative and sustainable methods to create a circular economy where resources are used efficiently and effectively.
RadRap RadRap Himanshu Singh, Founder Providing end-to-end waste management solutions to become an A to Z waste management company that has a positive impact on the society.
Respose Waste Management And Research Respose Waste Management And Research Sujit Kochrekar, Co-Founder & Technical Director, DB Prabhu, Founder & CEO A leading waste management company offering completely indigenous plant and machinery for recycling of electronic waste.
Scraptap Scraptap Deepak Maurya, Founder & CEO Providing innovative and technology driven waste management solutions to become the most recognized brand in the Indian waste management sector.
SMS Hydrotech SMS Hydrotech Surya V Singh, CEO A premier waste management company manufacturing one of the best organic food waste compost machines for recycling daily waste.
Sustainable Biosolutions Sustainable Biosolutions Akshat Tyagi, Co-Founder & Director A research oriented company offering tested and proven waste management solutions to develop into one of the most sought after names in the industry.