Cuckoo Appliances: Offering a Range of Water Purifiers Suited to Varied Customer Needs

Satyajeet Kumar Arun,Managing Director
Satyajeet Kumar Arun
Managing Director

Looking at the past few years of water purifying technologies introduced in India, one sees the RO technology being projected as 'the' technology for all conditions, but this is gravely untrue. Moreover, most of the RO technologies marketed and pushed into the high-scope Indian market discard all the necessary minerals off the water, leaving it bereft of any health benefits that come with drinking mineral-rich water and for all practical purposes, it makes the water acidic and extremely harmful for consumption.

Another major drawback which can be completely avoided in urban areas getting municipal-supplied water is that the RO process wastes a ridiculously high-quantity of water. The reality is that RO technology is not required for purification in all conditions – RO is 'only' required for treating groundwater. With a plethora of new urban development projected being floated for primary-treated water supplied by the Indian government, the environmental impact of wasting so much water is going to take catastrophic proportions.
This is where Cuckoo Appliances Pvt. Ltd. separates itself from the competition by creating awareness & educating the public on the right water purifying method they should employ, and offering water purifiers with NANO technology for urban areas getting municipally-treated water with TDS levels (Total Dissolved Solids levels) below 500. Cuckoo's patented NANO Positive filter ensures zero water wastage, while eliminating harmful bacteria, viruses and heavy metals and retaining all the good minerals to ensure properly pH-balanced alkaline water for healthy living.

"Cuckoo is focusing on customer needs and providing smart & healthy solutions for drinking water according to the type of water (ground or primary-treated) homes are getting"

Along with NANO, for places getting groundwater, Cuckoo has RO water purifiers with the patented Natural Plus filter which not only purify water, but also dispense water that has all the essential minerals and a healthy pH-balance making it mild-alkaline water.

Genuine Water Purifiers
The company offers a wide range of suitable water purifiers such as Drink Fresh (NANO positive filter with a tankless design), Dual Oasis (detachable dual faucets for easy cleaning, UV sterilization system for storage tank and coconut-based Carbon filter for fresh & delicious water), Fusion Top (7-stage filtration process dispensing hot & cold water for home), and Fusion Stand (designed for work places). “Cuckoo is the only brand that
maintains purity right from inbuilt storage tank to faucet by special patented sterilization features,” says Satyajeet Kumar Arun, Managing Director, Cuckoo Appliances. All these products come with one-year manufacturer warranty with great after-sales service, including periodic filter replacement, tubing change (on annual basis), digital sterilization (for sterilizing faucet without using any chemicals) and 15-point check-up at the customers' doorstep.

The Arrival
Cuckoo is a leading South Korean brand for kitchen and home appliances and is the best seller since the past 18 years with 74 percent market share in rice cooker category in South Korea. With its presence across 32 countries, the company has launched water purifiers for India in March 2018. Cuckoo has two manufacturing plants in South Korea with 12 production lines and one million production capacity (water & air purifiers) per year.

Even though the company is quite new to the Indian Water Purifier Market, Cuckoo is focusing on customer needs and providing smart & healthy solutions for drinking water according to the type of water (ground or primary-treated) homes are getting.