Raja & Raja Waterproofing: Offering Precise Waterproofing Solutions Leveraging its Expert Problem Diagnosis

Raja Haria,CEO
Raja Haria

Lack of proper waterproofing services and products has been a constant source of worry for property owners as it not onlyrequires time and capital investment but also disfigures the area that once held an aesthetic appeal. With dominance of unorganised industrial players who fix first and then analyze, Mumbai-based Raja & Raja Waterproofing Pvt. Ltd. is a unique solution provider that instead of rushing past the problem,undertakes a diagnostic pragmatic approach for solving the pertaining leakage. Having catered to more than 2100 projects spanning across 4.7billion sq.ft.of area in widely 30+ industries; Raja & Raja not only fixes but also ensures a'Zero Alteration or No Breaking Policy', leaving homes and offices in pristine conditions. “Our philosophy is simple; we identify the source, consider the reason of the source to be active, select our relevant solution from unique case and apply,”states Raja Haria,CEO, Raja& Raja Waterproofing Pvt. Ltd. Such service provision offers a rather refreshing and informed customer experience instead of being attacked by the industrial jargon, indifferent and haphazard solutions.

Combining Experience& Technology
Harbouring an experience of more than 34 years, Raja & Raja is highly adept in adopting technically reinforced solutions for properties of varying sizes. Not every organisation might consider the factors of hydrostatic pressure on the basement floors or the lack of a solid membrane to avoid infiltration. However, Raja & Raja takes in lieu the conditions, offers truthful recommendations and with the help of its in-house RAJ Technology, focuses on solutions for all types of RCC structure, guaranteeing a repair timelineof six hours with no distortion of the affected area. With its ground-breaking products like concrete admix & concrete care products, liquid applied waterproofing, adhesives, grouts & sealents to
name a few backing its expertise in
membrane-based, coating based, integral waterproofing,injection grouted systems and remedial waterproofing,the organization remarkably fixes terraces, parapet walls,ducts,concealed leaked lines of bathroom,sidewalls, balconies, Water Closet(WCs,)pools, as well as basements with near zero breakage.

"Team Raja & Raja has helped customers with stronger structure, longevity, removal of unsightly cracks, increased property value and subsequently create a healthier environment to live in"

Raja& Raja's customer experience stands as a testimonial to their services. One of its clients, a noteworthy personality with expensive home decor was facing a constant leakage but was adamant about not having his property perpetrated with needles and hammers; as a result, the leakage remains unchecked and constant. The team got down to business without the chisel or hammers, and inspite of the constant legal assertions and disbelief from his end, located the source of the problem and resolved it within four hours. Raja recalls, “We figured that pertaining problem at three points in the kitchen stopped as the water accumulated in the slab was simply allowed to drain out. They later became a regular client”.

Through these services, the team has helped customers with stronger structure, longevity, removal of unsightly cracks, increased property value and subsequently create a healthier environment to live in. However, for Raja & Raja, the customer experience doesn’t end with the patch up but follow up calls that leave no stone unturned when it comes to customer satisfaction. Mr. Raja proudly exclaims, “We offer our customers with unlimited after sales services but thanks to the quality, our solutions have never mandated more than three visits”.

A Meritorious Recommendation:
In addition to property owners, Raja & Raja, with its highly technical and practically spot on solutions, is a reliable partner for Developers, Realtors and Contractors, who,in this age of fast construction and high turnaround times don’t have the luxury to expend months into defect liability and maintenance facilities.
From its 3,00,000+ cases of site inspections & work and more than 1,784 unique cases, it is easy for the team to relate to such cases and provide the effective solution. Customer Mehul Bramhbhatt remarks, “Raja & Raja offered the assured solution for a four-year-old unidentifiable leakage issue at my premises from my neighbour's flat, which has remained in pristine condition ever since; which was attended by number of plumbers, technicians & so called Waterproofing experts; fetching no results, wasting Time, Energy & mainly the Money”.

"Raja & Raja, with its highly technical and practically spot on solutions, is a reliable partner for Developers, Realtors and Contractors"

A family driven business, Raja & Raja Waterproofing operates in & across India and is working towards up scaling its status as a global player, predominantly to the UAE and envisions growing their zonal & regional level as a retail business player. “We are an Expert Specialist for Waterproofing (doctor's doctor~ facilitated by Architect Nitin Satra, Dr.Sharad Mehta,& Mr. Shamji T.Vora)for building structure,as the success of any medication depends not upon medicines or drugs(products)but primarily on the diagnosis of the cause. We consider it as our duty to treatall patients (client's)problem (Leakage)with the same passion, dedication, involvement, and solution driving approach for smallest of work to largest of the projects,”concludes Mr.Raja.

Key Management
Raja Haria,CEO:An engineering graduate with persistence in Entrepreneurship for Technology & Engineering aspects. Leading to create sustainable solution for Structures; with field experience of more than a decade.

R.K.Haria,Founder Chairman & MD:A visionary individual belonging to farming background turns an entrepreneur,establishing Raja & Raja group; offering sustainable & remarking solution for Construction Industry.

Offerings: Raj Technology for Waterproofing, Coating based Waterproofing,Integral Water proofing,Remedial Waterproofing, Injection Grouted Systems& Membrane based Waterproofing

Head Office: Mumbai