Wiser Foods: A Young Seafood Company Offering World-Class Seafood Products

Sanjit Pal Singh,CEOBenefitted with a coastline of over 8,118 kms, and 2.02 million sq. km of EEZ (exclusive economic zone), India has perceived a spurring growth in the seafood business dynamics. With the increasing demand and consumption of seafood, the seafood industry has become one of the world’s fastest growing sectors. In 2017-18, India’s seafood exports have seen a growth of 13 percent in quantity and 10.1 percent in value. Researchers have predicted that in 2019, India’s seafood exports will grow at 17-18 percent, which is quite veracious with the continued demand. Wiser Foods, a young but juggernaut company in the import and distribution of frozen seafood products in the Indian and UK markets, enchases this opportunity by meeting the growing demand of seafood through its scrumptious quality frozen seafood.

An Unparalleled Success Journey

Established in 2012, this New Delhi-based company started its operation as a leading importer and wholesaler of Pangasius Hypophthalmus, colloquially known as Basa Fish in India. Today, the company is one of the largest importers and wholesalers of Basa fish in India, and also offers a range of seafood products, including Vannamei Prawns, Squid Tubes, Lobster, Crabs and more, which are sourced, processed and packed specifically from various regions of India under its brand. The company also imports Atlantic Salmon from Norway, Spring Roll Pastry and Wonton Pastry from Thailand under the brand – Orient Gourmet (exclusive
distribution rights in India).

Abiding by all the norms and regulations, this ISO 9001:2015 certified company has all the requisite licenses specified by FSSAI for carrying-out its business PAN country. Currently, the company processes products through its channel partners under strict specifications, guidelines and quality control parameters provided by Wiser Foods for all its range of products in India, Thailand, Vietnam and Norway. Followed by a channelized system, and carefully set-out SOPs, the company processes its products using freezing techniques such as IQF (Individually Quick Frozen), IVP (Individually Vacuum Packed), IWP (Individually Wrapped Pack), or BLOCK freezing, ensuring a minimum shelf life of 18-24 months.

Our awareness, association and a strong hold in the growing Indian seafood industry encouraged us to further boost sales of Indian seafood internationally

Wide Distribution Network

With its first operational branch set up in Ludhiana, today, Wiser Foods is present across Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir. Its initial diligence paid-off capturing a colossal 40 percent market share in the state of Punjab resulting in national recognition in early 2013. Today, Wiser Foods services PAN India through its distribution network (350-400 distributors). Utilizing its well-equipped setup, temperature-controlled (-20°C to -18°C) warehouses in 15 major Indian cities, and refrigerated trucks and vehicles (-20°C to -18°C), Wiser Foods successfully delivers premium quality frozen products, catering even to the door-to-door delivery requests apart from thousands of establishments in sectors such as HORECA, Hypermarkets, MTOs and smaller retailers & wholesalers.

Realizing a substantial growth in the global seafood industry and foreseeing a further acceleration in sales in the fostering future, Wiser Foods started its UK division, Wiser Foods UK Limited, led by Maneet Pal Singh, Co-Founder & Partner of Wiser Foods India. “Our awareness, association and a strong hold in the growing Indian seafood industry encouraged us to further boost sales of Indian seafood internationally, leading us to launch our range of frozen Prawns from India and establish sales in many regions of UK, while plans are en route to expand in other European countries and U.S.,” asserts Sanjit Pal Singh, CEO, Wiser Foods. Witnessing strong annual sales growth of 23 percent, the company aspires to grow further internationally, increase its customer base in smaller towns, and be the largest frozen food supplier in the country.