YWT India: An Integration Company Engaged in Industrial Water & Wastewater Treatment

Sumit Patil,CEOToday, most businesses and the products they offer would cease to exist in the absence of water. A critical commodity, water is practically essential in every step of manufacturing and production processes in every industry throughout the world. Whether it is deionized water for pharmaceuticals, electronic & power sectors, water is necessary for all industrial sectors.

Yeshe Water Treatment India Pvt Ltd(YWT India) is a joint venture founded in 2013 by Everest Engineering and Allied Product Pvt Ltd Thane and YWT Ltd. Israel to promote the business of industrial water and wastewater treatment. The group caters to & collaborates with a wide range of industrial operations, including Power, Food, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, and many more.

YWT India serves as an integrator and EPC in the Water Treatment and Wastewater Treatment industries, with a specialization in Zero Liquid Discharge. The company is known to integrate projects, products, and technologies to generate significant financial and business prospects. YWT India operates in three segments of the water industry Raw Water and Waste-Water Treatment Using Customized Technologies Water Treatment Chemicals, and Pultruded FRP Cooling Tower Designed by YWCT Israel. It provides solutions for the optimization of the use of water, waste water, and energy, implementing design and operational measures, and delivering results that positively contribute to profits, conservation & society. Significantly, YWT India has a growing presence in India in Pultruded FRP cooling towers, with technology tie-up with YWCT Israel.

Sumit Patil, CEO at YWT India adds, ”Our focus has always been Innovation, best in world technologies, design + build services. All our recommendations follow current industry guidelines & recommen dations." YWT's core strength is its entrepreneurial spirit & a strong engineering team. In their endeavor to be an engineering solution provider, the firm has tied up with several specialty companies for technology, equipment & services. Its extensive industrial experience over many years has enabled the
company to fully comprehend precise user requirements and create the most costeffective, reliable, and regulatory compliant solutions and systems. Its biggest attribute is the depth & breadth of specialized inhouse experience it provides to each project design, engineering, technical, regulatory, and project management all of which are critical to meeting quality, time, and cost objectives.

YWT integrates projects, products, and technologies to generate significant financial and business prospects

Independent of all vendors, equipment suppliers, manufacturers, and installers, YWT offers services of the greatest integrity quality, and technical excellence without regard for commercial influence. Its service offers impartial and unbiased advice tailored to the individual needs of its clients. YWT renders end-to-end solutions right from raw water intake to effluent treatment & Zero liquid discharge systems. Its product portfolio consists of Filtration systems, Desalination Systems, Biological treatment Systems, Evaporation Systems Zero Liquid Discharge System, Zero Discharge Systems, and Pultruded FRP Cooling Towers.

YTW's STP technology uses advanced oxidation techniques to treat waste water without relying on biologics, has a low sludge generation rate, and modular system architecture. Instead of ordinary filter media, the company uses Activated Filter Media on its filtration systems.

It ensures 90%+ recovery on desalination systems with a power consumption of 0.5 KWh/m3. The company design + builds multiple stage/pass RO systems in both CS and HWS variants. For pharma & electronic grade waters, the company offers an EDI(Electro Deionization)or an NRMB(Non Regeneration able Mixed Bed).

It offers an advanced enzymolysis system and advanced photocatalytic oxidation system for kill tanks and chemical deactivation systems. YWT utilizes scalable efficient water clarifying and biochemical treatment solutions that are thoroughly planned and fully supported throughout their designed life cycle. Technologies such as AAB (Air assisted buoyancy), Electro Coagulation, Activated Air System for Aeration, Static Clarifiers, BioFilm Reactors, ultra filtration system, HydroDynamic Cavitation Nozzles, and a few more, are also employed.

YWT India also offers a varied range of Evaporators & Crystalizers.

“YWT India is experiencing 15% revenue growth, and our order booking for next year 22-23 is around Rs. 10 Cr. For the next two years, we will be concentrating our efforts on water treatment in the cooling tower circuit and Zero Liquid Discharge Systems,” concludes Sumit Patil.