Biodegradable & Eco- Sustainable Packaging Trends In 2020- Challenges & Innovations

Gaurav Jalan, Founder, PackmanA brilliant academic a good graphic designer, Gaurav is a visionary businessman and an eminent spokesperson on matters related to the Indian Packaging industry

With the humongous amount of waste filling landfills increasing globally every year society is becoming more and more environmentally conscious from consuming more sustainably to reusing grocery bags. But as more people are continuing to do their shopping online, several consumers are also becoming more aware of product packaging. As a result, the demand for ecofriendly alternatives are growing and companies are forced to consider ways and means to incorporate materials and methods that could have less of an effect on the planet.

So, is it worthy enough your brand streamlining its packaging ideas with ecofriendly and sustainable practices? Some may say no, this is too expensive and time wasting. But there are definitely some vital benefits besides the reduction in your own carbon footprint to creating the switch to green. Today’s people are getting more focussed on eco-sustainable packaging. Getting to know the packaging trends considering the unavoidable reality that eco-sustainable packaging is now the biggest topic in the packaging industry and that is very important.

Materials such as cardboard paperboard and plastic can be reconstituted and create new items. Both recyclable and recycled materials are obtained from different sources you can make them adapt to your packaging easily

Here, it is being revealed about eco-sustainable packaging trends one can expect in 2020.

Simple and Clean Packaging
You have to understand that less is more. With due respect to the modern day trend, products are made in a simple manner with minimal printing on the package body and with less packaging material being utilized. Therefore it is not needed to use over sized packaging to unwarranted emphasize the product.

Corn Starch
Items made from corn starch are biodegradable. They are suitable for all kinds of food packaging. The package can be delivered via post as well. Packages carved out of corn starch have limited or zero negative impact on the environment.
Biodegradable Plastic
When put under the sunlight the biodegradable plastic decomposes. It is also used to create envelopes that are generally used for bulk mailing. Biodegradable plastic is a feasible and practical solution to traditional plastics

Corrugated Cardboards
The high quantity usage of corrugated cardboard is boosting in demand. It is completely recyclable, biodegradable and also reusable. Packaging products such as the eco sleeves or corrugated paper padded envelopes are the finest and top instances of this category.

Using unique materials like the biodegradable plastic and Corn starch-made products also supports to minimize any environmental impact

Biodegradable Materials
Paper and cardboard are great alternatives for any kind of packaging. What is the advantage? When those are thrown away they get the breakdown and return back to nature. At the same moment biodegradable materials promote eco-sustainability.

Use Innovative and Unique Materials
If you cannot do without pictures or texts on your packages, then you can use inks made from milk proteins or food rather than using any chemicals that can cause harm to the environment. Soya inks, for example, are more sustainable. Contrary to the petroleum based inks they come through a renewable source. They release 0 VOCs. Soya ink printed papers can also be deinked easily. It makes the recycling process much simpler. Using unique materials like the biodegradable plastic and Corn starch-made products also supports to minimize any environmental impact.

Eco-Friendly Fillers
In the market, biodegradable packing peanuts are present which can be used in place of EPS or Styro foam peanuts. These often work better than the normal ones and are easy on the environment as well. Thus, their usage will be increased during the year.
Here are some examples of eco-sustainable packaging which could be visible in 2020:
•The paint and the high energy needed to make coloured cans could be removed with naked cans cans without having any colour but contain the name, logo and other information printed on them. The water and air pollution which happens during the colouring stages can be avoided. Also in the recycling process it takes a plenty of effort and energy to erase the colours from the aluminium cans. With naked cans this process can be removed.

•Normal DVD cases need to be replaced by sustainable ones. A continuous strip that is removable and has the capability to adapt to the number of DVDs to be packaged made from recyclable/recycled cardboard, lacking any adhesive.

•Biodegradable packaging for meat products. Treating those paper with water proof starch will assist to prevent discoloration and any kind of damp spots.

What Does The Industry Feel About Eco-Sustainable Packaging?
The industry’s opinion is that ecosustainable packaging means packaging that is fully environmentally friendly, made out of renewable resources and cent percent recyclable, such as a paper or cardboard. A good example is a corrugated paper, which gets utilized transformed into the paper mill and then comes as a brand new packaging. Also multiple industry research affirms the importance of eco-sustainable packaging in the market and suggests that four out of five users like to go for products made out of cardboard.