Green Buildings Are The Need Of The Hour

Saurabh Sood, Founder, Nature HomesNature Homes aim is to contribute to controlling and lessening the effects of climate change and to reduce the carbon footprint.

We live in a world where the air is polluted, natural resources are diminishing fast and the danger of climate change is no longer just a phrase but a blatant reality. However, what is reassuring that there is also increasing awareness of the situation and people are taking efforts to improve the situation.

Eco-friendly Greenhouses and structures, which are energy efficient, are the new concept homebuyers are going after these days. In last few years there has been rise in people showing interest in buying green homes and doing their bit towards the environment. The Green buildings are not just restricted or evaluated on the basis of faster constructions but also on displaying many other useful properties like being energy efficient, having a low carbon footprint, less wastage of our natural resources like water and many more. Wooden constructions are a more eco-friendly and financially viable alternative than houses made of old-style stone, brick and concrete. The Greenhouses made with the use of eco-friendly materials are made from natural, non-petroleum materials that are recyclable and biodegradable and are also considered 'ecological'.

The wood used in sustainable structures is part of responsible logging: the manufacturers plant new trees for each tree they fell as maintaining balance in the environment is important. Many ask that what is it in eco-friendly or wooden homes that makes them a preferred choice as compared to other option available? For starters, they're constructed to last. A wooden house will stand steady and strong for generation to come, as compared to other construction materials and as wooden structures are built to withstand seasons and time, less maintenance and mending are required. This saves materials and energy, making eco-friendly houses easy on the environment in addition to saving owners money and hassle. When a wooden home completes its lifespan, the logs can be reused for other building purposes or burned for energy.

Another reason why wooden structures are such a great option for the environment is that timber absorbs energy from the atmosphere in warm weather and releases it in colder weather. For this reason, the
wood helps in cooling the house in summer heat and, makes it warm in the wintertime, which significantly decreases heating and cooling needs and its electricity bill as well. Besides, buildings with wood require less energy, have a lower environmental impact and smaller carbon footprint than conventional building methods: wood absorbs CO2. Wooden homes are known to have clean indoor air, which con-tributes to better health.

A country like ours, which is undergoing record-breaking levels of urbanization, we have important challenges on two fronts - quickly developing essential infrastructure while reducing the environmental impact of such development. Eco-friendly construction involves the practice of using environment-friendly and energy effective procedures and technologies throughout the construction's lifecycle from siting to design, building, procedure, maintenance, revamping and deconstruction. Ecological growth means that we keep future generations in mind when making our choices. The naturally made home structures stand strong and are extremely resilient to risky climatic conditions. This extraordinary toughness is due to the fact that timber adapts well to variations in both temperature and humidity. In addition, wooden structures are mainly healthy buildings, standing up extraordinarily well in areas that have been hit by extreme wind and even hurricanes.

With the development in technology, now, even the acceptability for new formats of constructions is widely explored. Even the government has announced projects, which are to be made with alternative construction technologies. Even at present, most of the tourism projects of the government in all parts of the country are announced with eco-friendly construction format only, wherein wooden structures are mostly used and opted for hills and coastal areas. Some state governments have also announced separate budgets for making and re-constructing their old tourism properties with new eco-friendly and sustainable constructions methods. There is an upsurge in effort to purposefully construct homes that are better for the environment, economical to operate and also more comfortable and better for the families who live in them. Eco-sustainable homes aim is to contribute to controlling and lessening the effects of climate change and to reduce the carbon footprint.

Being aware of the environment will go a long way in making our lives better and our planet habitable for our future generations to live in

Being aware of the environment will go a long way in making our lives better and our planet habitable for our future generations to live in. These practices will also teach and enlighten them on how they can proficiently use resources and make ecological choices out of them for use. The idea of eco-sustainable buildings also talks widely about how sustainable living possibilities too can be discovered in today's scenario as not only are they tough and strong in the long run but also are cost-effective and eco-friendly, saving the environment. All of this makes green constructions valuable and meaningful being the sustainable ones. It is important to guard the surroundings and preserve natural re-sources for the future; hence Green Buildings is the need of the hour.