Why Men's Grooming Category Is Going Back To Organic & Natural In India?

A young, passionate and zealous Entrepreneur, Karan Gupta inherited his family business, Qraa Herbals but envisioned that the male grooming business has a bright future too. In 2017, He came up with his own extension of the brand, Qraa Men with innovative products for men like Gold Oils for Men and Hair and Beard Vitalizers. These Innovative products have been reviewed by some of the top Industry Influencers and Bloggers taking the brand by leaps and bounds.

The `organic' and `natural' have been the two most essential denominators in the growth of Indian grooming and personal care industry. These words are intrinsically linked with the notion of the ancient curative culture of Ayurveda, that leans strongly on a variety of natural ingredients such as herbs, roots and flowers, among others. However, an exciting split has taken place in the Indian personal care industry with men's grooming industry, making an altogether new category. In recent times, it can be observed that the men's section has shown an increased inclination towards organic and natural products.

As per a study published by re-search firm Euromonitor in 2016, Indian grooming industry depended on the organic or natural features of skin or hair care products before making their purchase decisions. While 71 percent of those reviewed agreed that their face cream or lotion should contain natural ingredients, 38 percent accepted that they would only purchase a product that is made with botanical ingredients. The trend has trickled into men's grooming category. Since approximately 50 percent of the mass population in the male category is adults of age in the range of 18-30 years, it can be said that the presence or absence of natural ingredients in men's grooming products can today make or break its customer base. Here are a few reasons why such a change has occurred in the men's grooming category in India.

Increase in Awareness
There has been a tremendous increase in awareness with respect to grooming and personal care in men in the last few years. Metrosexual men not only know that they need a dedicated line of products, but they can also differentiate between a good and a lousy product based on the ingredients. For example, an ingredient list containing sulphates and other chemicals are being repeatedly shunned by men, as those products can dry out the natural moisture of the skin and subject it to synthetics. They are well aware of the long-lasting effects of such chemical based products.

Skincare and personal grooming products with hidden ingredients such as parabens and artificial fragrances are quickly falling out of favour with the male populace

Informed about Hidden Ingredients
Skincare and personal grooming products with hidden ingredients such as parabens and artificial fragrances are quickly falling out of favour with the male populace. This is because men now understand the impact of these ingredients on their skin. For example, parabens mimic the estrogen hormone and subjects one at an increased risk of breast cancer. Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) can have a degenerative effect on cells as it denatures proteins. Many men are aware that each ingredient in personal care products doesn't need separate approval or regulation. Therefore, they have been much more careful while choosing personal care products. They are reading the labels and preferring fragrance-free, natural and organic items.

No Trust on Complexity
Natural products are easier to understand. On the contrary, an ingredient list that consists of unpronounceable names of chemicals would surely put anyone off. Men do not trust brands that have complex ingredient lists and are more inclined to choose more straightforward products that contain natural ingredients they have either heard of or know about. Many countries restrict the number of chemicals that can be included in personal care products. There are still many presents in several men's grooming products regardless, which has led to a feeling of distrust over anything that isn't made with natural ingredients.

Faith in Natural Legacy
Natural skincare is not a new phenomenon. It has just regained lime light in the past few years. Indians have been using homemade natural skin care remedies for centuries. Thus, men trust the legacy of natural products and their effectiveness much more than the synthetic skin-care that is so rampant in the markets today. At the core of this trust is a belief that products made with natural ingredients do not contain toxins that can cause a range of skin infections and allergies.

Learning from Role Models
Social media & influencers have played a massive role in determining men's inclination towards natural and organic skincare. In recent times, many youth icons for men have emerged on social media. Many of these influencers personally believe in the power of true botanicals for men. Therefore, men have learned to choose `pure' products, which has now become synonymous with natural, vegan and organic. Influencers also helped men learn to make a distinction between the unique needs of their skin against anyone else's. Thus, assisting brands to come out with an impressive range of natural skincare.

Sensitive about Environment
The basic rule is that what is not suitable for your body is not good for the environment. Millennials and Gen Z specifically have contributed to an in-crease in sensitivity towards the environment. Various brands have been thrown out of people's conscience due to their tendency of animal testing, which is cruel and unfair to the environment. Similarly, synthetic fragrances can have an adverse effect on marine life. It can attack the defence system of marine creatures and continue to remain in the water for as long as 48 hours! Thus, more and more men prefer to go for cruelty-free products which do not contain ingredients that can hurt the environment. Since natural ingredients are biodegradable and much more environmentally friendly, they are obviously men's first choice.