Driving Talent Strategy with Online Assessment Solutions

Assessment services market in India is projected to cross $ 750 million by 2021 backed by increasing number of competitive examinations and certifications, growing need for skill assessment for increasing employability, and rising population of the young labour force in the country. The space is open ripe for innovation and with technology and the digital world constantly evolving.

The democratization of skills and a new generation entering the workforce, organizations have been forced to deeply care about opportunities to infuse a culture of constant learning and meritocracy. It is here that organizations have begun to see online assessment platforms as a solution for their recruitment bottlenecks. Online assessment solution providers are cashing in on the opportunity and enabling organizations and individuals to maximize their performance by supporting their learning and compliance needs. Besides, they are delivering customized skill assessment tools, result analytics and proctoring solutions for conducting online exams/ assessments/certifications powered by robust avant-garde solutions and a stringent security protocol.

In essence, online assessments are becoming quite popular and are being used quite extensively in various sectors including education, government and corporate companies. The corporate sector has taken up to online assessments with quite a lot of enthusiasm and in a huge way. These online tests have some clear benefits over the traditional methods of assessment both for the corporate entity as well as the candidates themselves. Understanding this, we have dedicated our current edition to some of the best online assessment solution providers that are helping corporates and students to maximize their performance by supporting their learning and compliance needs.

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