Right Branding Tactics Can Help in Customer Retention

Deepshikha Singh, Special EditorIn an era of smartphones, the consumers are armed with more information than ever before. Not only are they carrying out research on products before they leave their house to shop, but they are also checking reviews and making comparisons at the shelf before they make a purchase. Undoubtedly, the stores have become a must win battleground for brands. To outperform your rivals in such a scenario, you cannot leave anything up to chance. To win these educated shoppers, shopkeepers need to have full control over their shelf space.
It's not easy to get a consumer to notice your products in today's retail environment. The best way to attract customers is to appeal them with the right placement of products and fixtures. With India's organized retail growing significantly at a CAGR of 20-25 percent annually, the industry is witnessing a rise in scope for store fit-out manufacturers in the country. Besides, Indian manufacturers have also been able to gain traction as fitout experts among SAARC countries such as Sri Lanka, Dubai and Africa. Starting relatively earlier compared to other service providers, the Indian fixture industry, aided by the focus on R&D and infrastructure development, is exporting significantly to these countries.

Today, the fixture manufacturing industry of India is fast making its presence on the international retail map. Quite a few players have sensed these opportunities well in advance hence, in this edition of siliconindia magazine we have featured a list of ‘10 Most Promising Retail Fixture Companies - 2020'. A carefully crafted list, it represents the names of the companies offering their top-notch services in this domain. On the cover page, we have featured, Sameta Metal Pro, a firm that holds over the decade of continuous dedication and effort in excelling in every sphere of this business. I hope the listing helps you in your purpose and we achieve our mission.
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