The Silver Lining of Lights

The Indian LED Lightning market is expeted to row at a CAGR of 24.3 percent during the forecast period (2021-26), states a report by Mordor Intelligence. The more push is due to the Central Government's UJALA program that offers LED bulbs that are 50 percent more energy-efficient than other lamps available. This makes India one of the largest markets for LED lighting. However, despite strong growth, challenges still remain for the segment, major one being high initial cost as designing a good LED lights have a higher cost than conventional lights due to the complicated assembly and high raw material cost.

The industry is trying to overcome this challenge by employing new technologies and designs. The other two major challenges being thermal design and lack of consumer awareness. On the other hand, the integration of technologies like AI and ML will enhance the industry and LED usage further. More governments and corporates will use such smart controlled electric lamps that will save them more money and be energy efficient.

In our current edition of siliconindia Magazine, we bring to you the story of few such LED lighting companies under the title `10 Most Promising LED Lighting Companies - 2021'. Shortlisted and finalized by our panel of experts, the featured companies had to undergo due diligence to be picked and finalized. Here we bring to you how they are making a difference in the life of their customers, what their next strategy is and how they are devising their future. Read to know more about them.

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