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  • 10 Most Promising Frozen Food Companies - 2020

    Good food is something that everybody inevitably falls for. In the beginning, frozen foods consisted of frozen vegetables, fruits and fries; but today, it offers a wide range of products, from fruits & vegetables to frozen meats and ready-to-cook, snacking and full meal options. Hence, if made nutritiously, nobody tends to deny having it. Today, even in India, a majority of people slowly are tending to like and prefer frozen foods; however, it's yet difficult for the industry to affirm its roots in the country. Despite its utmost goodness and nutrition, people do not prefer it wholly over the fresh foods. Even researchers and nutritionists do not favour the sector entirely, deducing it to be unhealthy. Albeit, according to a recent report, the Indian frozen food market is...

10 Most Promising Frozen Food Companies - 2020

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Ahimsa Food Ahimsa Food Yasmin Ahmad Jadwani, Director A premiere pioneer in manufacturing mock meats that are vegetarian alternatives to fish, mutton & chicken
Capricorn Food Products India Capricorn Food Products India Rahoul Jain, Chairman & MD Instilled with more than a decade's potential of offering fruits & vegetables across India and abroad
Haldiram's Haldiram's Pankaj Agarwal, Director Providing quality focused frozen food products that range from Breads, Curries, Sweets, Combo meals, Kebabs, to Desi Wraps, Dakshin Express, and Chutney
Keventer Agro Keventer Agro Sunil Kajaria, CEO An ISO & FSSAI certified company delivering convenience & nutrition to its customers through a portfolio of 40 frozen food SKUs across veggies, snacks, parathas and many others
Kuppies Kuppies Jeevash Vaid & Uni Vaid, Founders An innovative, new-age food brand that caters a product portfolio that straddles a variety of exclusive ambient, fresh (chilled) and frozen packaged foods
Master Chefs Food Ventures Master Chefs Food Ventures P. Vijaikumar, Business Partner, Mahalakshmi Jayakumar, Director A trendsetter in B2B & B2C frozen food sector, the company manufactures a spectrum of healthy, fresh & preservative-free ready-to-cook and heat-and-eat products
Sankalp Packaged Foods Sankalp Packaged Foods Akshara Bisht, Director A FSSAI, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, US FDA and SPICE Board Certified frozen foods company renowned for its wide range of high quality frozen Indian delicacies, including North & South Indian, apart from Chinese and Italian recipes
Trimurti Corns Trimurti Corns Santosh Shinde, Chairman A leading manufacturer & exporter of organically grown, chemical-free, fresh & frozen fruits, vegetables & ready-to-eat products
Yellows & Greens Yellows & Greens Kiran Pasala & Karthika K, Directors Breathing the concept `From Plough to Plate', this innovative fruit & vegetable value chain company delivers utmost fresh & nutritious frozen foods to Indian consumers