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  • 10 Most Promising NDT Service Providers - 2021

    Non-destructive testing, the process through which inspection, testing, and evaluation of materials, components, or assemblies for discontinuities or differences in properties are completed without harming or destroying the system or its parts during the checks. Simple terms suggesting that even after a rigorous check of the systems/parts they can still be utilized to the fullest. Now, when most of the industries are at a new stage of technology implementation like artificial intelligence, non-destructive testing is a major step. NDT services in the mentioned sectors define the quality reaching the consumer-end. The testing maintains qualitative properties like impact resistance, ductility, yield, tensile strength, fracture toughness, and fatigue strength. One of the most used...

10 Most Promising NDT Service Providers - 2021

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Arora Technologies Arora Technologies Mukesh Arora, Director & CEO It is producer of NDT products, systems and accessories by a team of experienced professionals
Industrial Inspection Services Industrial Inspection Services Rajesh Gandhi, Director One of the finest companies in the vertical of NDTS which offers best-in-class services to NDT and heat treatment services
Integrated NDE Solution Integrated NDE Solution Ashish Phadke, CEO It is offering ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle inspection, dye penetrant testing, visual testing and consultation
International Inspection Services International Inspection Services G.S. RAO, Managing Director It is a renowned and world class provider of NDT services to the industries of oil & gas industries, petrochemical plants, refineries, thermal power stations and renewable energy sectors
Mayuresh Engineers & Fabricators Mayuresh Engineers & Fabricators Mayuresh Jagtap, Owner It is providing services for crack detections, magnetic particle testing, MPI yoke type machine, crack and carriage type demagnetizer, and bar testing machine
Powertest Asia Powertest Asia N.V. Satyanarayana, Managing Director, N Sasant, BDM & CEO An independent testing organization since 1995 with an acknowledged record of ensuring finest testing services to OEMs of Power equipment, Utilities, and Service Providers in Power & Industry sectors
Sai Heatreaters & Non Destructive Testing Sai Heatreaters & Non Destructive Testing K S Nair, Managing Director Provider of NDT services like x-ray and gamma radiography, ultrasonic inspection, magnetic particle testing, liquid penetrant testing, spark testing, vaccum box testing, heat treatment services, and phased array ultrasonic testing, close proximity radiography, and Eddy current testing
Sievert India Sievert India Amit Ghosh, Senior Vice President, CIF South Asia Region An international company for testing, inspection and certification for assets, products and infrastructure, which help clients by assuring in quality, cost reduction, and productivity increasing
Structural Diagnostics Structural Diagnostics Shripad Purushottam Kulkarni, Director Structural Diagnostics is India's leading company in Non-Destructive Testing of Industrial structures and other manufacturing industries using the world's latest state of the art techniques and equipment
TesTex NDT India TesTex NDT India Siddarth Ramchandran, Directors Facilitating nondestructive testing (NDT), inspections, research and development, and program development and management services