31West: Expert, Customized & Cost-Effective BPO Services for MSMEs

Sandeep Periwal, Founder & CEO
Sandeep Periwal, Founder & CEO

Due to aggressive marketing, rapid expansion of product portfolio and new feature releases, a leading healthcare technology solutions provider in the U.S. faced uneven consequences of numerous unanswered queries, high attrition rate, and more. While basic queries were answered post 24-36 hours and increasing tickets made level-2 team answer level-1 queries, ignoring level-2 issues, the prohibitive cost made it unviable to expand in-house support team. This is when Bangalore-based BPO service company, 31West built two teams of nine representatives each where team A covered business hours and team B took charge of after hours & weekends, and level-2 issues were escalated to clients in-house support team. With over 16 years of expertise of handling simple & complex process transition, 31West reduced query turnaround time to four hours and leveled-up customer satisfaction by deploying robust & efficient processes; from migrating support functions to helping build a positive brand image.

Handholding Customers
31West caters to small enterprises globally, specifically in the U.S. and Europe and offers excellent tech support, application support services, cloud support & infrastructure management, IT support & help desk and more. “For over 16 years, we’ve been working closely with small enterprise and truly understand how & what works for them. This helps us offer best fit for their requirement at low cost and puts
us in a position to serve 20 diverse
industries & verticals across the globe. We are looking forward to work with more startups,” asserts Sandeep Periwal, Founder & CEO, 31West. Foreseeing great opportunities around digital & cloud in the U.S. economy, the company has built domain expertise around recent technologies like big data, IoT & non-legacy applications support like mobile, cross-platform apps & portability solutions.

"Our mission is to bring high-quality & affordable customer service delivery accessible to every small & medium business in the U.S. & Europe"

Overcoming the Hurdles
31West is the brainchild of Sandeep & Satish Periwal, who together hold over four decades of experience in enterprise application, process automation, solution architecture, technology, customer experience, business Intelligence & finance. The idea of establishing outsourced customer support came real when Periwals realized the need of support for small & medium enterprises in the U.S. & Europe. 31West successfully brought cost-saving, numerous possibilities, fast scaling and a low-cost parallel office to the table at American hours to help customers across domains(real-estate, travel, banking, finance, hospitality, technology & e-Commerce) by building their expertise brick by brick.

“Our mission is to bring high-quality & affordable customer service delivery accessible to every small & medium business in the U.S. & Europe. We understand it’s impossible to scale today without a strong, Omni-channel, 24/7 support team. We bring to the table four decades of multi-channel, multi-vertical experience. Our proven transitioning methodologies & extensive service delivery knowledge leaves nothing to chance for our clients. A powerful combination of in-house and offshore teams working in
tandem to deliver impeccable customer experience is what we deliver to our clients,” asserts Satish.

Aware of client’s hurdles, such as identifying the right technology, scaling fast with limited resources and vendor selection, the company stands out with its technical expertise on diverse technologies. It comprehends the situation & needs, and provides cost-effective solutions that are easily adaptable and match the speed of change. Keeping clients data & its security as priority, 31West uses a combination of public & private cloud to secure measures like VPN, firewall, limited & controlled internet access and more.

Satish Periwal, Founder & COO

Technology is constantly evolving and to keep the team abreast of all recent trends, technology & platforms in the market, 31West conducts regular employee training programs by hiring consultants & senior professionals from the industry who run two-days to two-weeks training sessions. “A lot of times, clients themselves conduct detailed training on the platform or technology that they are using. We make sure everybody in the organization keeps themselves updated and more prepared, trained & ready for the next client,” claims Satish. Today, the company enjoys 23 percent YOY growth and desires to scale its digital practice and help more businesses navigate through challenges. 31West is also planning to open a centre in the U.S.