AbellonCleanEnergy: Offering Localized Waste Management Solutions with Cutting Edge Technologies

By Sandeep Dave,  Growth Director

By Sandeep Dave

Growth Director

The burning of fossil fuels has been having a massive hit on the earth's atmosphere and this has led to rise in the temperature, melting of solar icecaps and thereby the increase of sea level. The unorthodox use of these fuels has also resulted in drastic climate changes that are causing natural disasters having global impact. The need of the hour is to cut down the usage of fossil fuels and the reduction of our carbon footprint. Being the second-most populous country hasn’t helped India in its quest of reducing the country's consumption of fossil fuels. The growing concerns regarding the topic have led the world nations to look for renewable sources of energy that don’t adversely affect the environment. With many countries advocating the benefits of solar, tidal and wind energy, some business leaders’ attention went to the wastes that we were generating and how we can use this waste and turn it into a renewable energy source. This will not only help countries to generate renewable energy but it will also help to deal with the unprecedented amount of wastes that are being generated.
Operating with this philosophy of sustainability at its core is AbellonCleanEnergy. This Gujarat based company has been operating in the industry for more than a decade now, and they have found the most effective way to transform waste in to clean green energy.

Pioneering the waste-to-energy sector of India Abellon operates with the vision to contribute to the nation-building through sustainable energy solutions for power, heat, and transport. “When we started, our aim was to develop a business that will have a positive impact on the lives of the people. In the beginning, we went to various countries to study and conduct research on the various technologies and workings of the industry. This helped us to create a strong base and by combining that with our strong R&D team, we were able to take-on and complete even the most challenging of projects. We have also worked with various government bodies in formulating the various policies and frameworks that is regulating the industry. With the country developing at a rapid pace, the waste generated by the people will also increase and because there aren’t many reputed companies operating in the waste-to-energy segment we are predicting huge growth opportunities for the companies operating in the sector. Since we are not seeing this as a business, we are also able to offer the best solutions, at a competitive price and we are also not afraid to take an extra effort to make sure that the wastes that we are dealing with are converted into energy in the most efficient way”, avers, Sandeep Dave, Growth Director, Abellon.

This customer centric approach has helped Abellon to venture off into diverse verticals including the solar business sky projects, biomass, and dealing with agricultural residue and converting it into energy pellets. The company also handles all kinds of waste including agriculture, industry, and household. The company has got five fully equipped state of the art plants in Gujarat and in four of the five upcoming projects in Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot, Baroda, and Jamnagar, Abellon will be dealing with 1000 tons of waste per day. The company’s industry experience and domain expertise have allowed them to be equipped with the latest class leading technology and over the years adopting the best has become an organizational culture at Abellon. Aiming to expand their horizons in the future Abellon is planning to expand and grow their business into different territories and by that become a company that has got pan India presence.