Ahimsa Food: A Home-Grown Champion Thinking Beyond Meat

Yasmin Ahmad Jadwani,DirectorMeat alternatives have always been China’s specialty, and the country is the largest producer of ‘mock meat’ in the world. Rallying with the slogan to ‘go vegan’, many Indian food-techies imbued by culinary influence, are fervently trying to come-up with solutions to flood the Indian food market with more ‘mock meat’ options. Meat-lovers might be thinking why; then, let us walk you through a fairer side of the story. All must be familiar with the annual breakouts of bird-flu when H1N1 rattled the nation for a span of a month or two. Hence, there is a rising demand of mock meat. Ahimsa Food is one of the pioneers in the country which makes food products from high grade ingredients and non-GMO soya which closely mimic the original taste & texture of meat and are tweaked to suit the Indian taste-buds.

The word ‘Ahimsa’ means non-violence. Yasmin Ahmad Jadwani (Director, Ahimsa Food) being an animal activist, ventured into the food business with an aim to launch a health, environment & soul-friendly product line in the market. The company was established in 2008 in New Delhi, manufacturing 100 percent vegetarian frozen mock meat products without changing its allegiance to vegetarianism. Having a decade of experience, it gained an in-depth knowledge in market operations, which gained a strong foot-hold in the frozen food industry. It has also tied-up with the retailers
and many gourmet stores of Delhi and others around India who sell its supplies. In turn, it grappled a wide fan-base due to its quality products and is increasingly getting repeat orders from the customers.

Ahimsa Food never fails to delight the customers, thanks to its ever-expanding list of products. It is bringing-in new novelties which are alternative to fish, mutton, and chicken and are named as vegetarian Fillet for mock fish, Korma Chunks for mock mutton, and Classic Bites for Mock Chicken. The list continues, as it supplies vegan kebabs in barbeque options, curry meat cutlets purely made out of vegetables and continental options like salami, sausages, drumsticks and more. In parallel, it has provisioned an open dining option in Delhi called Veggie Champ, where its Veggie Burger bears the badge as the best by PETA vegan food awards 2014.

As all its products are categorized under the gourmet food items, Ahimsa Food keeps a close eye over the supplied raw materials, 80 percent of which are imported to maintain the quality of the products

The most critical factor of Ahimsa Food’s products is its complicated processing method, which requires rigorous effort in standardizing the formulation and quality checks at every step. In order to align the processing time with the supply chain, it maintains strict control over the production. As all its products are categorized under the gourmet food items, it keeps a close eye over the supplied raw materials, 80 percent of which are imported to maintain the quality of the products. As far as food safety is concerned, the company is licensed to trade by FSSAI and registered under the Department of Food Safety to certify the products as consumers safe.

Fit To Eat at Every Bite
Yasmin states, “Our products have no cholesterol, no trans-fat, no preservatives, no colour, no monosodium glutamate and are high in calcium & fiber”. Ahimsa Food’s products are packed with nutritional goodness. Being completely plant-based, each item is high on fiber and contains the same amount of protein as per the volume of animal meat consumption. To date, most of its products are Lacto-vegetarian and it is gradually moving forward in increasing the range of the vegan products. Ahimsa Food is experiencing a stellar growth in the market and envisages twice the growth in the next fiscal year.