Appdesk Services: Solving Clients' Complex Business Problems through End-to-End Product Design Solutions

There has been tremendous shift in consumer behavior in recent times. What were once the best solutions few years back, are now redundant and fail to attract the customers’ attention. Thus, developing a product or a solution has proven to be an uphill task for businesses across all industries. A new technique that is gathering a lot of traction recently is Minimum Viability Product(MVP). MVP is the process of introducing a product into the market with just basic features so as to study customers’ response before launching the fullfledged product into the market. As a result, businesses are now not only able to save a lot of money on their product development cycle, but also cater to their customers’ diverse expectations and demands.

Founded in 2019 and based in Gurugram, Appdesk is an end-toend product design company that has created a niche for itself in the industry by following a ‘No Compromise’ approach in its product design services. “We focus mainly on two core areas – Software Development and Cloud Infrastructure. Under software development, we offer MVP development with very low TAT and digital transformation through workflow automations and BI dashboards. Under cloud infrastructure, we enable our clients to reduce their cloud computing costs by offering AWS serverless applications”, explains Sopandev Tewari, Co-Founder & Lead Software Engineer, Appdesk Services.

Appdesk’s vision & mission statement is to build a high quality engineering team & culture, quickly deliver software solutions, provide a high standard of software consulting, and build products that solve complex business problems. The company follows a high quality engineering culture throughout the organization, where in events such as bug bounties, hackathons, book clubs and many others are organized within the company to promote hacking culture and ensure that all employees stay updated with the latest technologies and trends in the industry. Additionally, it has an efficient in
house R&D team that develops custom apps using nextgen technologies, thus ensuring that all internal problems are solved in a quick and hassle-free way.

Engaging with clients as partners instead of as service providers, cater to early stage & small scale startups, and focusing on quick iterations and cloud computing make us stand a league ahead of our competitors

Engaging with clients as partners instead of as service providers, cater to early stage & small scale startups, and focusing on quick iterations and cloud computing are some of the aspects of our company that makes us stand a league ahead of our competitors. We encourage all our developers to attend developer conferences by Tech Giants such as AWS, Atlassian, Sentry and others. Also, new technologies are discussed internally in bi-weekly book club sessions”, adds Sopandev.
Sopandev Tewari, Co-Founder & Lead Software Engineer
Explaining a case study, Ross Kleinrock, Founder & CEO of Right Call says, “Overall, I had a great experience with Appdesk. I was looking to build an MVP/Proof of Concept for a dynamic web app that could be accessible from mobile. They served as a strategic partner and helped me design the concept, take it from idea through feature definition, wire framing, UX/UI Design, user flow mapping, software development, testing, production launch, bug fixes, and post go-live support. They were extremely flexible and helpful, and went above & beyond to make sure that I was getting the product that I wanted, even if it meant working late or adding-on necessary things that were outside of the originally discussed scope. As a cheaper option in the market, I got great bang for my buck they got the job done without costing me a ton of money!”

Going forward, Appdesk is searching for suitable partners to showcase its capabilities in the best way possible. Additionally, it also has in-house developed products in pipeline to be launched into market soon.