COGENT E Services: Shifting Gear, From BPO to BPM

Gaurav Abrol,CEO
Gaurav Abrol, CEO

Wouldn’t that be sensational if your seller’s interactive system detects your emotion, tone & expectations within a fraction of seconds and automatically directs you to the right department of customer service? With product/service-centric business models transforming to the novel epoch of customer experience, Artificial Intelligence(AI)enables organizations such features to fly above the customer-expectations through quick & interactive responses to their queries, predictive analysis, personalized customer care and much more. According to MIT Technologies Review 2017, 91 percent of blue-chip companies with high levels of customer satisfaction already bank on AI solutions.

The rationale behind Cogent E Services’ reputation as one of the most tech-savvy organizations in the BPO industry is no different. Having been in the industry from ever since the new-gen technology revolution took off, Cogent is now ready for the level-next of Customer Interaction by foraying into the futuristic technologies like AI, NLP & ML. This technology advantage powers it to not only shoulder the responsibility of providing end-customers with aforementioned new-age interactive experience, but also own & aid the customer-engagement predicaments faced by its clients. Hence, Cogent goes beyond being a mere BPO company to metamorphosis as a BPM (Business Process Management) player.

The Origin of Technology Heritage
Cogent’s technological wisdom traces back to its inception in 2004 by three technocrats: Abhinav Singh (Managing Director),Gaurav Abrol(CEO)& Pranjal Kumar (Director, Corporate Affairs), who dreamt of crafting a name for themselves in the customer interaction industry by gripping their technology prowess. The trio began their journey humbly by kick-starting the operations of Cogent from a rented premise in Ghaziabad and rendering outsourced back office services. Slowly but convincingly, Cogent realized their dream by carving out a niche for itself in the BPO segment as one of the most reliable and technologically advanced organizations in the country, serving some of the prominent brands in Telecom, DTH and e-Commerce sectors. Today, the company is setting its wings on fire by infusing its traditional offerings of Inbound, Outbound, Email, and Webchat solutions with newgen technology & use cases to support deploy ability.

Over the years, being able to build an impeccable team with a technological bent has played a pivotal role in Cogent’s successful journey. Since the co-founders are also technocrats, they always end up on the same page and find it extremely easy to understand and implement technology. “Around 60 percent of our middle management has been with us for the past 10 years and they have risen from grassroots. Thus, as a team with years of know-how, we understand the nuances of this ecosystem,” asserts Gaurav.

Opening Success Paths with Technology
Cogent’s pedigree of 14 years in
this market is also a pointer to numerous use cases of successful AI deployments with tremendous outcomes, starting right from automating its own in-house employee management system a few years back. The trouble makers were separate systems existed for Biometric, Attendance Management, Performance Management, and Rostering, which resulted in intensive manual work in order to generate the combined & structured performance & service data. Besides the system being opaque for the employees,their performance calculation was a major concern, as it was prone to human errors.

In counter, Cogent successfully conducted a ‘home revolution’ by deploying one-of-its-kind EMS that went beyond just integrating multiple systems to automate(predictive) Rostering and performance calculation across the processes. The results were overwhelming with a lot of manpower saved, increased process efficiency, and unbiased performance math, and in turn appreciably improved overall employee satisfaction. “Ensuring employee satisfaction is not about any strategy, it’s a culture of our organization. We have a genuine open door policy. That’s why 50 percent of our employee come back to us if they ever leave,” adjoins Gaurav. Nonetheless, with more than 8500 Cogentians spread across the sub-continent, Myanmar and Bangladesh, Cogent’s client ecosystem is right at the receiving end of these benefits, and they have time and again manifested their gratitude by ranking Cogent as their best partner.

" Cogent is now ready for the level-next of Customer Interaction by foraying into the futuristic technologies like AI,NLP& ML"

While deciphering and adapting to the changing dynamics at a lightning speed are survival practices in this fast-paced industry, being able to align with the constantly changing client-requirements and their growth scales by repeatedly innovating the ways of working is an undeniable proposition. Cogent’s dignified reputation of maintaining 98 percent customer retention rate is a strong testament to this fact.

Infusing Solutions with Intelligence
The growth scales of clients in this niche segment are largely pivoted on three major pain-points: need for a customized solution, handling seasonality since the resources need to be optimally utilized, and also ensuring costs don’t rise with time. Cogent is extremely conscious of these challenges. Hence, it approaches and ties up with clients as partners and thus owns the issues faced by them, which eventually leads to engendering the best possible solution – just like the aforementioned innovative ‘home revolution’ with EMS.

For instance, of late, one of the nationally leading water purifier manufacturers was grappling with high volume of inbound calls during the operational hours, clogging the process bandwidth. Customer interaction being its forte, Cogent was swift to analyze the call flow and comprehend that every call generated on the IVR at non-operational hours was getting converted as an agent call at operational hours. Imagine 35 percent of their customers were making repeat calls in any given day! Cogent did what it does best; it embedded a lot of intelligence to the client’s IVR by integrating it with MS Dynamics to generate more off-time service requests on IVR and automate complaint reminders. In the end, the 26
percent reduction in call volume & improved quality of support was a good reason for the client to wear a delightful smile.

It’s Time to Take off to the New Era
Hundreds of such smiles assure that Cogent is well on its yellow brick road. Today, being at an inflection point, as it’s taking off to the epoch of AI, NLP, ML and Automation, the company is all set to launch a couple more innovative products as well. “These interesting products will start unleashing their benefits to our clients by the next quarter. We hope to continue to delight our existing customers alongside getting newer ones with these novel innovations,” divulges Gaurav.

"Cogent's dignified reputation of maintaining 98 percent customer retention rate is a strong testament to this fact"

Having doubled its clientele in the last three years, Cogent's strategies to welcome the future remains rock-solid - going digital with focus on white goods and consumer durable sector. In the coming years,it also plans to expand its footprint from India, Myanmar & Bangladesh to premium markets like US. Cogent is booking a reputed space in the BPM segment!

Key Management:
Abhinav Singh, Managing Director
With more than a decade of experience, Abhinav has stood at the helm at Cogent E-Services, giving direction to its growth, and continuously striving to augment the knowledge base of the company and its people.

Gaurav Abrol,CEO
Gaurav has tremendous knowledge of the Technology domain and is acutely familiar with the day to day functioning of the Contact Centre. At Cogent, he leads a team of more than 150 Senior & Middle level managerial staff.

Pranjal Kumar, Director– Corporate Affairs
Pranjal's personals kills and righteousness give Cogent the stability that this fast-paced organization needs. Moderation is a virtue, and Pranjal personifies it.

Cogent in Spotlight:
• Incepted by technocrats,Cogent is oneof the country'smost technologically advanced BPO organizations that now forays into futuristic technologies like AI, NLP & ML

• The core competency of Cogent lies in Customer Integration

• Cogent goes beyond being a mere BPO company to metamorphosis as a BPM (Business Process Management) player

• Around 60 percent of Cogent’s middle management has completed 10 years in the organization

• Currently home to 8500+ employees, Cogent’s workforce strength is growing by eight percent every year

• Cogent’s revenue grows by around 10 percent year over year

Quick facts:
Headquarter: Noida
Year of Establishment: 2004
Certification: ISO9000120927 Certified

• Inbound Customer Service
• Outbound Call Centre Service
• Email & Webchat Response
• Social Media Response Management