Industrial Inspection Services: Bestowing Outstanding Services to the Non-Destructive Testing Industry

Rajesh Gandhi,DirectorThe Non-destructive Testing (NDT) industry plays a critical and vital role in assuring the seamless performance of structural components and systems for the long term. Therefore, quality and reliability are the two major factors in which only a handful of companies stand up to the mark. Industrial Inspection Services (IIS) is one of the key players in the NDT market in this regard. Mr. Rajesh Gandhi, the Director of the company, has expertise in this industry since 1983.

He has earned ASNT-III certification in UT, MPT, RT & PT in 1998, VT & ET in 2006 and became ACCP Level-III in RT, UT, PT & MT, and RW TUV Level-III in RT, UT, PT&MT by 2003. He guides his team to deliver the best-in-class NDT and other services with his immense knowledge and experience. IIS also have range of offerings for critical industrial heat treatment services.

"We offer end-to-end services, starting from inspection of raw materials to fabrication, testing, and approving the authenticity of the finished products till those are delivered to factory," says Mr. Gandhi. IIS offers a wide range of services in Heat Treatment, Non-destructive Evaluation (NDE), Electrical Furnace Installation & Operation, Inspection, Consultancy, and NDT training.

IIS perform the heat treatments of metal to satisfy the requirement given in various
codes, specifications, standards, and procedures including pre-heating, post-heating, stress-relieving (SR), intermediate SR, normalizing, solution annealing, water quenching, tempering, step cooling, drying of refractory material.

The company offers industrial heat treatment for simple materials like CS, MS, and critical materials like P9, P11, P22, P91 & alloys of CrMoV and other materials and thermal stabilisation for austenic steels. Non-destructive Evaluation (NDE) is another area of specialization for IIS. The organization carries out Dye Penetrant Examination, Ultrasonic Examination, and Magnetic Particle Examination, visual testing examination and Radiogarphy Film Interpretation services.

We offer end-to-end services, starting from inspection of raw materials to fabrication, testing, and approving the authenticity of the finished products till those are delivered to our clients

In addition to the above mentioned services, IIS also offers services in furnace installation & operations along with inspection, consultancy, and NDT training. Under the service of furnace installation, the company designs, fabricates, installs, and calibrates electrical modular furnaces. Since 2010, IIS had designed and supplied electrical modular furnace and diesel fire furnace to its clients in UAE, Sharjah, Qatar & Oman respectively. IIS has built its popularity in the space of inspection services over the years. With an excellent team of quality analysts and experienced engineers, the company has been providing welding inspection including the setting of welding procedure as per industry-related relevant standards, interpretation of NDE (RT,UT,MT & PT, and ), preparation of documents, liaison with clients and submission of final documents.

"We have provided third party inspection services for Shell LNG jetty Project and provided inspection engineer to renowned organizations such as Larsen & Toubro, Hazira, L&T MHI Boiler Pvt. Ltd., Hazira, ACC, Ambuja Cement among other renowned companies," confirms Mr. Gandhi. Inspection jobs such as preparation of drawings, complete NDT, PMI, hardness testing, thickness gauging & creating all documents for crane have also been under-taken by IIS. Headquartered in Mumbai, IIS offers consultancy and NDT training as well. The revenue increase more than 30 percent in FY 2020 in comparison to FY 2019, its test money of customer trust and we will continue our innovation & provide quality & timely service in long run.