Master Chef's Food Ventures: Manufacturer of Customized, Standardized & Preservative-Free Frozen Food Products

P. Vijaikumar, Business Partner, Mahalakshmi Jayakumar, Director

P. Vijaikumar, Business Partner

Mahalakshmi Jayakumar, Director

Studies reveal that frozen food market in India values at Rs.7,400 crore and growing at about 17 percent annually. However, majority of the consumers are looking out for frozen foods that are premium and healthy in nature; infact the way food is meant to be. Thanks to Master Chef’s Food Ventures Pvt. Ltd., a Bangalore based food processing firm, for conquering the very art of manufacturing healthy frozen foods, right from its establishment in 2007. All its processes are oriented on ensuring that end consumers enjoy every meal locked in with maximum nutrition and taste deploying standardized traditional recipes and simple ingredients with absolutely no preservatives and additives.

Master Chef's offers a portfolio of ready-to-cook and heat-and-eat delicious products (Momos, Gravys, Sauces, Biryani Masala, Stuffed parathas Kebabs, Burger Patties, Flavoured Pooris, Chapathi, Pasta, Sandwich and roll fillings, Samosa & more) wherein each product is about 80 percent finished and requires a personal touch to turn into a consumable dish. The company’s main motto is to enable clients to serve niche products, besides unshackling them from various operational issues in the kitchen like inconsistency, quality, wastages, preparation & cooking time and also significantly reduce the requisite for culinary expertise & human effort and, when this convenience is custom made, it is a consumers’delight! Master Chef’s also bestows individual customers (B2C) with traditional recipes that can be served in the easiest and hygienic manner, thereby reducing their kitchen time.

It caters to B2B sector across diverse institutions such as compass group, Quess
corp, Manipal group, Marriott Hotels, IBIS Hotels, Oberoi hotel, Chai-Point, Kalmane Koffee, Onesta, Papu chai wala, Gilly’s and more. The company also serves the B2C segment through chains like Big Basket, Nilgiris and Metro Cash and Carry.

Certified, Customized & Standardized Products with Optimal Quality
Master Chef’s purchases raw materials only from FSSAI certified vendors while organic vegetables are procured from its own farms, chicken from Godrej, and spice powder mix is made from whole spice ingredients inhouse. Its semi mechanized factory is furnished with hygienically sanitized machines like momo making machine, paratha machine, bowl choppers, pulverizers, walk in cold storage and others. Moreover, all products conform to a proprietary FSMS and FSSAI & ISO 22000 2018 standards along with quick freezing method(-18o C to -24o C) that give them a six-month shelf life. Mahalakshmi Jayakumar, Director, Master Chef’s Food Ventures, adds, “Our food is extremely healthy and very often goes into my daughter’s tiffin box”.

Master Chef’s offers a portfolio of ready-to-cook and heat-and-eat delicious products wherein each product is about 80 percent finished and requires a personal touch to turn into a consumable dish

Freshers are employed to strictly follow their set standards and procedures with utmost responsibility.P. Vijaikumar, Business Partner, Master Chef’s Food Ventures, asserts, “Me and my business partner Mahalakshmi are personally involved in the day-to-day operations to assure that quality and safety of all products are maintained”. No wonder, Master Chef’s has had absolutely zero issues from clients who approached them through mere word of mouth or post tasting their products at kiosks/retail stores.

Mahalakshmi Jayakumar, Director
The roadmap ahead for Master Chef’s involves R&D in designing new products, offering standardization of recipes for clients with own production facilities, providing consultancy and promoting new concepts to budding entrepreneurs. Working towards achieving unparalleled quality and service with utmost honesty is its all time plan!