Moti Mahal: Celebrates 100 Glorious Years

Monish Gujral,Managing Director

Monish Gujral

Managing Director

Today, QSR is one of the most propitious concepts that are gaining higher commercial width. Considered as one of the emerging sectors in the current food industry, the major reason for this increasing market size of the QSR restaurant chain is it requires smaller space to set up food outlets and comparatively lesser capital investment. Another element that is adding value to this format is online food delivery, considering this trending concept of the food industry, companies from start-ups to most recognized brands are establishing their QSR franchises across the cities. Completing a century in the food industry, Moti Mahal is the most recognized and leading brand representing authentic and ethnic Indian food globally. Established in 1920 by Kundan Lal Gujral, Moti Mahal has been highly acclaimed for its original cuisines and notably contributing in putting the Indian food top on the international platforms. Butter Chicken, Dal Makhni and Tandoori Chicken are the dishes that are highly popular, most cooked and loved dishes of India, and the person behind inventing these dishes was Kundan Lal Gujral. Though most of the Indian restaurants offer these dishes Moti Mahal holds the pride of being the introducers of these three dishes.

"We are celebrating the centenary of Moti Mahal which was established by my
grandfather during the time of undivided India. The cuisine invented by him became quite a staple food of the people living in that area; including the Britishers, everyone appreciated the novelty of the food. In 1947, during partition, my grandfather came to India leaving everything behind and with the help of the then Rehabilitation Minister Mehr Chand Khanna, he set up a new venture of Moti Mahal in Dariyaganj following the same menu. Soon, I started working with my grandfather in 1983 while studying at Delhi University, learning about the functioning of Moti Mahal, cooking under his guidance, and understanding how to run the restaurant and the ways to deal with the customers", shares Monish Gujral, Managing Director, Moti Mahal.

Moti Mahal is the most recognized and leading brand representing authentic and ethnic Indian food globally

The factors that make Moti Mahal stand different are being a pioneer and the largest Indian franchise company, especially in North. Also, Moti Mahal is a brand that holds a brief knowledge of the food industry as it has survived on the top place in the list over a very long period of time. It is very familiar with the techniques used in grasping the customers, ensuring customer satisfaction and a better insight into the market. "For operating a successful franchise, the key person setting up a franchise should have better knowledge about the business, also should be able to sustain for a longer time in the market. We offer complete in-house facilities to a franchisee, starting from conducting a market study, designing and setting up the outlet, providing essential cooking and other equipment, including the manpower required to run the franchisee such as head chef to serve the food and marketing. The only element that the client has to arrange themselves is the capital investment in order to organize the funds we provide all the required documents", says Monish.

Moti Mahal has made its presence at PAN India level. Looking into the growth and expanding aspects of Moti Mahal in these 100 years, presently, Moti Mahal is operating in almost every major city across India with more than 150 franchises. Moti Mahal Delux Management Services was established in 2003 by Monish Gujral and Sachin Sarwal, in 2008 it introduced more food brands under Moti Mahal franchise namely Food Truck Trail, Tandoori Trail, Kebab Trail, China Trail, DNY Bread Bar, Chaat Trail, Dosa Trail and Golden Oven. Further, Moti Mahal is planning to launch its own food and beverage products, including ready to eat products.