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  • 10 Most Promising Restaurant Franchises - 2020

    Restaurants and other similar eateries have become a major trend in almost every city nowadays. Many restaurants have even got a cult following that includes people from various societal strata and age groups. With this trend only going to increase in the coming years, many individuals and investors are eagerly waiting to enter the market and cash in on the increasing opportunities that the sector has to offer. One of the most trending ways that many people are using is franchising and if analyzed closely, it seems to be the best and the most risk-free way to enter the restaurant industry. Being a big market space, the failure rate of the franchises in India is very low and this has helped the industry to clock in an annual growth rate of 30 percent and as of now the franchise space in...

10 Most Promising Restaurant Franchises - 2020

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Cream & Fudge Cream & Fudge Joseph Cherian, CEO A brand renowned for offering premium smooth and creamy ice-cream, Cream & Fudge has a menu of proprietary and innovative creations ready for customers to select and enjoy as take-away ice-cream, and a la carte menu.
Grill Inn Grill Inn Nikhil Tiwari, Director A registered brand of Maxwell Food And Beverages India, Grill Inn operates with the vision of expansion and growth by leveraging the strengths of the vibrant fast-food brands all over the world.
Indian Spice Indian Spice Sourav Mitra, Co-Founder When it comes to Casual Dining/fine dining/QSR and a welcoming ambience, Indian Spice Restaurant is an ultimate address in good food and warm service.
Just Shawarma Just Shawarma Neelesh R, Aashish T Malayil, Aayush T Malayil and Goutham Jayprakash, Founders Aspiring to be the go-to brand for Shawarmas on a global level, Just Shawarma's aspires to provide Entrepreneurship opportunity by establishing itself as a Quick Service Restaurant.
Kallyfso Café Kallyfso Café Ganesh Gote, Sachin Survase, Founders A one-off QSR entity that is well recognized and has immense growth potential owing to their sheer determination and commitment to be the best.
Kathi Nation Kathi Nation Saurabh Raj, Founder Pledging to give high quality taste, Kathi Nation is a premier restaurant chain that operates with the vision to bring revolution to Indian Fast food and snacks industry.
Moti Mahal Moti Mahal Monish Gujral, Managing Director Operating with the mission to set up outlets with the least amount of capital expenditure at the same time offering extensive menus.
The Great Kabab Factory (TGKF) The Great Kabab Factory (TGKF) Ashna Kapur, Managing Director A premier Indian speciality restaurant offering contemporary and stylish dinning experience which is unique.
Wok To Walk Wok To Walk Gautam Kamra, General Manager Wok to Walk had set its foot in India towards the end of last year through a master franchisee, has already set up three outlets in the last six months.