MotionGility: Custom Made Videos that Tell a Brand's Story

Himanshu Chaturvedi, Founder,Komal Kokate, Co-Founder

Himanshu Chaturvedi, Founder

Komal Kokate, Co-Founder

Explainer videos are the best resources for breaking down complex topics of a business and industry in a compelling and palatable manner. Telling a story is important. However, finding the right explain¬er video production agency makes your content stand out is a bit of a struggle, given the unique nature of this segment. Based out of Indore, MotionGility delivers on its expertise in making custom explainer videos leveraging 2D motion graphics when it comes to video production.

“In Video Production, our primary focus is on branding as video is something which tells a story to its audience”, says Komal Kokate, CEO & Co-Founder, MotionGility. Hence, the video production firm has built its reputation on offering custom videos that tell a unique story for every unique brand. Providing creative videos to startups and industry giants for their marketing, MotionGility has come a long way in positioning itself as one of the best explainer video production companies. The firm is into B2B and directly works for the businesses to provide the best video marketing solutions.

The Video Production portfolio includes Explainer Videos, Product Videos, Mobile App Videos, White board Videos, Motion Graphics Videos and Educational Videos. As part of these services, MotionGility clients are benefited in many ways and as per their
positive feedback on Clutch, Google and other review platforms, the team gets to know about their success through the videos.

A good number of clients have rated MotionAgility 5 out of 5 and a best video quality provider at a cost effective pricing. “Clients have also claimed that the video we produced for them proved to be an asset where their audience understood about their services and product and people loved it”, adds Himanshu Chaturvedi,Founder, Motion Gility.

MotionGility is the only leading company of Indore, which solely deals in Motion Graphics and has been serving overseas clients

MotionGility helps its clients in increasing awareness and helping the audience of its clients to understand their Product and Services. This eventually leads to increased brand value and sales. “We believe in delivering not what the customer would want out of us, but what the market or the audience would want out of the business or the company”, explains Himanshu. Unlike other video production houses who deliver based on a reference video that their clients present, MotionGility team evaluates if that particular style fits for their product or service and helps them to get the best by sharing inputs with expertise.

A bootstrap company with 0 initial investment cost, MotionGility has registered some exceptional achievements in a very short span of time. “In our initial days we worked through a single laptop which we actually bought through Merit Scholarship and from there we have grown as a fully operational company”, adds Komal. MotionGility is the only leading company of Indore, which solely deals in Motion Graphics and has been serving overseas clients. The firm has acquired some of the most reputed clients like ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company)and ITC Limited. Within Indore, MotionGility has also contributed in traffic awareness by providing the videos and now at each LED or each square, the MotionGility videos are helping the Indorians to understand the basic traffic rules.

Currently, MotionGility is focusing on revising its video portfolio. “We’d like to make our video utmost engaging in the future that’d drive a maximum number of sales for any client”, informs Komal. More so, the firm is eyeing to soon launch a YouTube channel for entertainment purposes, so that via video the company can entertain, and not just restrict the dynamics of the videos for commercial purpose.