Protekto India: Expert Waterproofing & Protective Coating Solutions

Mridul Goyal & Sameer Joshi,Directors
Mridul Goyal

The concept, art and science of waterproofing started with an objective to prevent rain water entering in to the building structure. As people started utilizing delicate & costly materials, production machinery, equipment & systems inside structures, the assurance on water tightness became paramount. While poor waterproofing system encourage ingress of water, instigating the deterioration of structure, and affecting structural durability, its late realization has been a failure in taking actions for prevention. Realizing the consequences of these failures, Structural Specialties & Projects India(SSPI), a specialist engineering & contracting company, commenced Protekto India as its dedicated division for waterproofing + cool roof coating solution system.

SSPI primarily offers Structural Repairs, Strengthening & Seismic Retrofitting work for various types of RCC Structures including Industrial & Power Plants, Petrochemical Plants, Pharma Plants, Residential, Commercial & Institutional Buildings, Marine Structures, Bridges, Flyovers and Construction (RCC Buildings & Steel Structures). While various certifications like ISO 9001:2008 (quality), OHSAS 18001:2007 (safety concerns)and ISO 140001:2015 (environment protection) held by SSPI speaks volumes about the quality of these services, the Safety Awards it has
received from prestigious companies like Siemens, GSK Pharma, ACC and SHIMZU-Japan stands as a testimony to its professionalism. “Over the past 15 years, we have delivered over 500+ repairs and strengthening projects PAN India & Middle East with our operations spread across Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Chandigarh, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Telangana, West Bengal, Goa, Tamil Nadu & so forth,” says Mridul Goyal, Director, SSPI.

"Being an exclusive distributor & applicator for silicon-based waterproofing system, Protekto brings in cutting-edge and comprehensive solutions for durable waterproofing system"

Protection @Protekto
Being an exclusive distributor & applicator for silicon-based waterproofing system, Protekto brings in cutting-edge and comprehensive solutions for durable waterproofing system. from the pioneers and global leaders. “With our background & track record at SSPI, providing solutions across industry segments comes easy. Be it a Protective Coating Solution for a new construction or one for strengthening / rehabilitation, we have the right product systems that deliver to our client expectations,” remarks Sameer Joshi, Director, Protekto India.

Under the Protekto banner, SSPI offers Silicone,Polyurea and polyurethane based waterproofing & coating system solutions. The company offers first-of-its-kind silicon coating products for waterproofing of any type of Roof substrate that gives waterproofing + cool roof effect which is brought to India from Everroof(U.S.). With this high silicon solid content having cool roof technology, Protek to has made waterproofing easy & economical and is best fit
for galvanized iron roofs, asbestos cement roofs, RCC roofs, and roof coated with pre-existing membrane. This easy-to-apply product is also available in DIY kits for mass market and contractor packs.

Another global brand & widely used product– Nukote Polyurea has been introduced to India by Protekto who offers around 75 different formulations for custom-made requirements for waterproofing, primary (tanks, reservoirs, Dams, STPs,& Cooling towers)& secondary containment (spillage solutions for tank farms, rain water harvesting, & theme parks), corrosion protection (water, oil & gas lines, fixed, and floating roof tanks), mining (wear protection for liners for heavy transportation equipment, wagons /trucks), blast mitigation(key frontline installation, bunkers & others) and many more. Protekto also offers comprehensive range of polyurethane coating for containment and corrosion protection and the necessary protective UV resistant top coats.

Sameer Joshi, Director

“Be it a single product or a combination of products from silicone, polyurea or polyurethane, Protekto assures top-of-the-line quality & performance, offered with application services through their network of qualified applicators. Protekto will always stand tall to deliver easy, durable and effective waterproofing system solution that enhances the life of structure,” concludes the duo.