Structural Diagnostics: India's Leading Company Offering Premium Quality Testing by Adhering to Industrial Standards and Measurement

Shripad Purushottam Kulkarni,DirectorOwing to their exposure to temperature, chemicals, and bulky loads, the massive industrial equipment and machinery are often subjected to depletion which not only hampers their performance and efficiency but can also cause possible threats to lives and resources. To ensure the structural integrity and condition of Industrial gadgets, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) methods are often implemented to affirm the subsequent measurements of structural characteristics such as the material's surface hardness, density, and thickness as per the accepted industry standard.

Offering premium quality testing by adhering to the industrial standards and measurement, Structural Diagnostics is India's leading company in Non-Destructive Testing of Industrial structures and other manufacturing industries using the world's latest state of the art techniques and equipment. Headquartered in Nagpur, India Structural Guidance was established in 2010 by Shripad Purushottam Kulkarni with a vision of retrofitting measures as well as innovative Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) services using appropriate material and technology based on the explicit practical experience in the field.

With more than a decade long experience within the industry, Structural diagnostics offer a bouquet of services including Non-Destructive Testing, structural audit, and quality of concrete examinations across many verticals. "Before offering our services, we usually visit the site to identify the critical zones and the requirement of the clients, to plan the kind of tests to be conducted.
As concretes are heterogeneous in nature and the structures often consist of complex mechanisms, we try to understand the root cause of the trouble so that we can provide the best possible outcomes to our clients.

Being an engineer with 40 years of prolific industrial experience for industrial and other non-industrial structures in India as well as abroad, the mistakes in the construction are rather easily identifiable to me. Focusing consistently on such zones where we expect some anomalies in the construction, we probe back more to rectify it and suggest some remedial measures. I have had some experience of about 15-20 years in retrofitting the structures, which becomes handy to the clients to get their structures rectified," says Shripad Purushottam Kulkarni, Director, Structural Diagnostics.

Whereas most of the NDT providers limit themselves to provide pathological reports after site visitation, Structural Diagnostics has managed to create an appreciable impression in the market by ensuring offerings beyond the scope of testing with remedies and formulation for the improvement of the structures. "The pain points of clients are usually related to the quality of the foundation and malfunctioning of their machinery. Some of these equipment are extremely bulky with 200-300 tons of weight and functioning with a very high speed of 3000 RPM often transmit vibrations on the foundations.

Although, sometimes the reasons tend to vary due to misalignment of the structure or the mechanical assembly, inadequate anchoring, and inferior quality of concrete, but the queries of the customers remain the same regarding the quality of the foundation and its endurance capacity. After conducting a systematic examination, we conclude (?) the glitches such as RPM exceeding the standard limit, leakages, sagging of the members, durability of the concrete and more. We advise our clients based on the deficient areas we pin-point and they go ahead with the rectification work," quotes Shripad Purushottam Kulkarni.

Catering to various industries such as power stations, manufacturing industries, textile industries, pharmaceutical industries, public utility structures, and more, Structural Diagnostics entertains many government and non-government organizations including Maharashtra State Power Generations and Madhya Pradesh State Power Generations. Encouraging its resources to attend the courses and seminars imparting practical knowledge in the field of civil engineering to pragmatically interpret and correlate with the structural mechanics the firm is equipped with some of the best and UpToDate talents within the industry as its workforce. Continuously invested in innovative technologies, Structural Diagnosticsis currently exploring novel technologies such as concrete tomography, ground penetrating radars, the equipment manufacturing sector, and more, to endure the challenges within the industry and emerge as a premium NDT Brand.