The Great Kabab Factory (TGKF): Focused on Meeting Customer Requirements to Stay Ahead in Competitive Restaurant Industry

Ashna Kapur,Managing Director

Ashna Kapur

Managing Director

Taking the current food scenario into context, one can easily identify that many eateries open and close on the drop of a hat. The ultra-competitive environment and the ability to consistently deliver the best makes the Indian food market one tough field to survive and sustain in. A well-known brand that has been offering the best and growing stronger day by day is The Great Kabab Factory (TGKF). Opening their first outlet in Radisson Hotel in 1998, this hospitality subsidiary of Delhi based investment company, UMAK Investment didn't have to look back. The overwhelming success of the outlet later opened the doors to franchising the brand which also proved to be a success with numerous franchisees of TGKF been opened across all major cities in the country and abroad.

In spite of growing very organically, TGKF has scaled impressive heights and today, it finds its presence internationally as one of the largest Indian restaurant chains in the casual dining category. "We began setting up a non-traditional Indian restaurant around a unique décor, service and menu boasting of inimitable mouth-watering kababs rich in both modern and ethnic flavours. This is how The Great Kabab Factory was born. The Great Kabab Factory turned out to be a great hit from day one. Our overwhelming success paved the way for franchising the brand and as of now, TGKF has over 27 outlets spread across India and internationally" avers Ashna
Kapur, Managing Director, The Great Kabab Factory.

At TGKF one can experience mouth-watering kababs prepared in seven different styles, roasted on the tandoor or on a singhri, shallow-fried in a tawa or a mahi tawa, deep-fried in a kadhai, steamed in pots or even grilled on a stone. Making them the most succulent and delicious Kababs one will ever sink one's teeth into. Owing to their secret ingredients and unique service concept, TGKF has clearly separated themselves from the rest of the competitors and imitators in the market. By preparing a different menu each day the customers can enjoy various cuisines which make dinning at TGKF a unique and memorable experience.

TGKF has scaled impressive heights and today, it finds its presence internationally as one of the largest Indian restaurant chains in the casual dining category

There are various aspects that contribute towards the success and popularity of an eatery including the location, partnering up with the right franchisor, and regular auditing and quality checks both on the product and the service. "Franchising with Umak Hospitality gives the investor financial control of owning your own business combined with the support of a historically successful company. Umak Hospitality franchise program provides you with training on all support, systems and processes that enable you to establish your franchised restaurants in your market, and to continually strengthen your presence and customer base in the years to come. Most of all it is our innovation that becomes your biggest advantage, with new systems and products developed, marketed, and tested internationally, we offer global scope for local operators" says, Ashna.

The Great Kabab Factory has been a proud owner of numerous awards and recognitions like the Best Kabab Restaurant and Best North Indian Restaurant by Times Food Awards (year on year), Best National Indian Restaurant Chain of the year by India Hospitality and Travel Awards, and Best of the Best Restaurant in Delhi NCR by Franchise Plus to name a few. "To excel in our services, we remain updated with changing trends and demands of the market. We have progressed with time and responded as per the constantly changing restaurant scenario. We are also developing new restaurant concepts and brands across various cuisines, and aspire to remain a major market player in the coming years as well. This year we aim to expand in the Southeast-Asian markets", signs off Ashna.