Trimurti Corns: Pioneering the Trade of Preservative-Free & Organic Agri-Based Products

Racing on the food challenge to pace-up with the frantic millennial needs, food industry is experiencing a sharp rise in the demand for frozen food items. Duly for its year round availability, supermarkets today have filled its frozen section with a lucrative display of the off-season produce. Despite of the market availability, pre-planted misconceptions around frozen food still rules. Worries like frozen items have high preservative content or might be low in nutrition, still bothers the urban Indians while picking the desired items from the frozen rack. To end such bouts, merchants today are vesting future ready suits to enhance the quality of the supplies. Treading the line, Trimurti Corns is offering organically harvested and preservative free frozen food items for guilt free carting of flavor-packed items.

“The cornerstone of the endeavor is as old and our efforts are driven by ultramodern technology, a zest for exacting quality and smart management tools,” says Santosh Shinde, Chairman, Trimurti Corns. Being an agro based manufacturer, each plant based item is organically grown, carefully assorted, processed and packed, using state-of-the-art machinery and techniques to get the best yield. The preservative free promise is no bluff because it houses Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) processing line, which immediately freezes the items retaining their farm fresh crunch. Frozen sweet corn kernels being its flagship product, right from de kernelling, washing, blanching to cooling, every step is automated. Surprisingly, with a span of five minutes it produces products having two years shelf life.

Trimurti is an ISO certified company which bears multiple tags of assured safety and technology from the regulatory bodies like
TUV NORD, FSSAI, FSMS boards and othes. Even the whole production management system, starting from Processing(blanching, Brine addition), packaging, storage to product supply, are maintained under strict statutory norms. To date it has registered an array of frozen & non-frozen food items(both canned and packaged) of sweet corn, baby corn, green peas, fruit pulps ready to eat foods and others. Trimurti was blessed with a tradition of agriculture and had been an active part of green revolution thus surpassing constrains it’s standing strong as one of the leading manufacturers of frozen food products.

Trimurti is an ISO certified company which bears multiple tags of assured safety and technologyfrom the regulatory bodies like TUV NORD, FSSAI, FSMS boards and others

Expounding Demography & Geography in Trades
Viewing the growing popularity of maize farming in Maharashtra, Santosh was one of the firsts to step into the frozen corn manufacturing venture. With joint efforts of his wife, Trimurti Corns was incepted in 2003 by inaugurating a small pilot unit of frozen manufacturing unit. Belonging from a humble family of farmers, he shared almost 200 acres of cultivation land to get the regular fresh supply for its produce initially. Gradually the brand expanded its R&D wing and capacity and extended their relations with other local farmers for the steady supply of raw materials. Today, Trimurti has listed 5000 contract farmers who practice organic farming, making it the domestic manufacturer and a global exporter of frozen to ready-to-eat agro based products.

Capsizing the market need,Trimurti is exporting a chunk of its produce, majorly cutcorns and sweet corn kernels to Europe, US, Russia and Middle Eastern countries. Combining the sales of Mrunmaha Agro Foods Pvt. Ltd. DSNA Agro Foods & Deccan Plateau Vineyards, Trimurti’s offset ventures, its collective revenue is about Rs.50 crore. With lot many contracts and export orders on-deck, Trimurti is targeting to reach the Rs.100 crore market by end of 2020.