A Guilt-Free Eating

Anamika Sahu, Managing EditorWe always have a sense of guilt when picking-up frozen food products from the retail shelves. We are submerged under the feeling of feeding unhealthy products to our family. But if you are among these, then let me make you guilt-free. Several researches prove that frozen foods are equally nutritious (if not more) as the fresh ones. Being stored in temperature between -18 to -20 degree Celsius, the nutrition value of frozen foods remains intact for a longer period of time. However, the challenge is ensuring that food does not undergo unhygienic processing methods, which will kill the nutrition
value despite storing them at specific temperature.

With the changing lifestyle and the increasing demand of frozen food products across tastes and cuisines, many players from both global and domestic repute have entered the industry to cash on this opportunity. We can today find a range of frozen food products in the market, ranging from vegetables to meat, and international cuisines. But whatever be it, we Indians are always crazy to have something much closer to our home-made food. To leverage this growing market, many Indian players have launched their ready-to-eat sections, offering almost homemade-like cuisines ranging from parathas to snacks like samosa and jhal mudi, veg curries to non-veg curries and many more. But it is hard to find the one offering quality products with no preservatives and full of nutritional values.

To ease your work, we bring to you ‘10 Most Promising Frozen Food Companies – 2020’. Post a detailed due diligence, we have shortlisted the companies and picked few among them to bring to you their story. We highlight their commitment to quality and variety that travels across the globe to satiate the hunger pangs. Read to know more about them.

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