Indian Spice: A Name Celebrated for Thriving on Passion

Sourav Mitra,Co-Founder

Sourav Mitra


Today, QSR chains are an emerging and popular industry that is estimated to reach around 25,000 crores in 2020 with a growing CAGR of around 2020. Also, another reason for such increasing demands is the urban lifestyle, people these days do not have much time to prefer fine dine or casual dining. With the evolving lifestyle, people are choosing QSR restaurants over dining because of its lesser time taken in the process of making food, take away options and much more. In order to offer the best food to the urban society and witnessing the high demands for QSR chains, SURYMERLIN HOSPITALITY LLP incepted Indian Spice, an ultimate combination of best multi-cuisine food, service and ambiance.

Established in 2018 by Sourav Mitra, Shivendu Mishra and Balasaheb Bosle, Indian Spice is a perfect amalgamation of a multi-cuisine restaurant, banquet hall and party place. "I and Shivendu were working together in an organization where later we decided to establish something of our own, and that is when we established SURYMERLIN HOSPITALITY. In recent times, when we have noticed the rising popularity of the QSR chain, and the growing demand for quality food and
standard services in the high paced society. With a vision to address this requirement, we established Indian Spice under the guidance of Balasaheb Bosle," states Sourav Mitra, Co-Founder, Indian Spice.

A QSR restaurant offering multi-cuisines from local to international and maintaining the quality of food is a very rare amalgamation provided to the customers. Indian Spice follows the concept of `survey, plan, and execution'. Indian Spice conducts a market study to ensure the best ROI possible in a particular location before setting up a venture. After the survey predictions, the company forms a budget required to set up the outlet. Sourav elucidates, "We ensure good business and maximum profit ratio in return because we make sure that the person investing in our franchise should be benefitted with the business. Only after all these procedures are completed and the results are favorable, we permit the franchisees to go ahead in setting up the outlet."

Indian Spice follows the concept of `survey, plan, and execution', hence they conduct a market study to ensure the best ROI possible in a particular location before setting up a venture

A known fact is that capital investment is a major concern for setting up any franchise in the country. Therefore, to help the investors to find capital for their business, Indian Spice guides them in arranging funds. In some cases, Indian Spice also acts as a funding partner if the franchisers have limited funds and are unable to organize the required funds. And the franchisee will be considered as a partner and also the owner of that particular venture where Indian Spice will act as a sharing partner. "We established Indian Spice with one unit and 40 staffs and within 19 months we have reached up to 14 outlets and more than 500 employees. This growth in such a short was never planned, so I feel we have achieved more than what we had expected in the initial days. We have been setting up a new franchise with a new set of people every month", adds Sourav. In the years to come, Indian Spice is focusing on the growth of the company and expanding to more places under PAN India services while generating employment opportunities that the firm feels is also an important element of the upcoming projects.