LeadCorp BPO & Consultants: Accomplishing Clients' Sales Goals through Customized & Quality BPO Services

Suyash Sakhalkar,Director
Suyash Sakhalkar, Director

According to Research and Markets, the IT & BPO services market in India is to grow at a CAGR of 7.63 percent during the period of 2018-2022. This growth is driven by constant & alluring forces like innovations, global competition among countries and adoption of new technologies that are cost-efficient and effortless. Cashing in on this growth by accomplishing clients’ sales goals on time leveraging its vast experience and an exceptional sales & professional IT team is LeadCorpBPO& Consultants. Understanding that today everyone wants effortless work with quality, LeadCorp leverages latest technologies to ensure cost-efficiency without compromising quality and closes projects before deadlines, all the while driving excellent sales for its clients.

Customer’s Happiness First
This Thane-based company offers Lead Generation BPO services (healthcare, mortgage & insurance), inbound marketing outsourcing (sales, lead generation & more), and call centre outsourcing (order tracking,
upselling general queries, healthcare industries, insurance sales, email marketing, & direct selling agent), back office, financial products and data analysis. “Our customer care services go beyond taking calls and give robotic information. Our professional executives make sure they understand every customer’s query or complaint and provide appropriate and best solutions,” says Suyash Sakhalkar, Director, LeadCorp BPO & Consultants. Yet another salient factor that sets LeadCorp apart from the competition is its stark focus on converting leads to be useful to the clients for making them happy and satisfied because of which clients have been working with LeadCorp since last three years. Presently, the company has started end-to-end sales, where the client give the product description and LeadCorp completes all sales and services for them.

"Our professional executives make sure they understand every customer’s query or complaint and provide appropriate and best solutions"

Customization for the Best Fit
To ensure increase in process speed & efficiency, the company prefers technology that is cost-effective and user-friendly. For instance, LeadCorp offers cloud-based services for all clients, which are accessible anytime anywhere. All services are designed keeping in mind, quality & the best-fit for client requirement to accomplish their business goals.
“Grabbing the latest technology, we get to work in the minimum time where quality meets client’s demands. We propose average rates to our clients to make sure our service is affordable,” avers Suyash.

Over the years, LeadCorp has proved to be an expert in providing trusted & quality services and meet customer expectation by following all government regulations such as DOT-OSP and TRAI for BPO and compliance for every product and services. Driven by 80+ dynamic employees and an energetic management team, the company has achieved milestones with clients like HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, RBL Bank and many other international clients.

LeadCorp conducts weekly meeting with team leads & management to keep them apace with quality and conversion happening with products & updates. And what’s more, the management team is led by the Director himself, whose in-depth knowledge about BPOs has worked wonders for the company to implement error-free methodologies & strategies that ensure utmost quality.

The company was established in 2006 at Thane and further, a new branch was opened at Mahape, Navi Mumbai. Having witnessed a significant 30 percent revenue growth in last financial year, the company intends to go even bigger in the coming years.