RadRap : A Name Recognized for Recycling Waste into Energy

Himanshu Singh, FounderThe staggering amount of waste that is being generated and the adverse effects that it will have on our environment has been a growing concern. The ever increasing population of India that has been crammed into a relatively small space has made it even harder for the country to deal with its waste. Addressing the issue, the government has taken various initiatives to play its part in finding solutions for waste management. Contributing to this noble purpose is RadRap, a firm established in 2016 to offer ample participation in the country’s waste management. RadRap is the brainchild of Himanshu Singh who was working in the IT sector when the idea of starting a credible waste management company dawned on him. The immense growth potential that he identified in the sector was only an added bonus for him but the primary motive behind the establishment of RadRap was to create an A to Z waste management firm that will have a positive impact on the society.

The pedestrian attitude of the people proved to be quite a challenge for the company but by sticking on with it, RadRap was slowly able to poise themselves perfectly in the industry. “Understanding the attitude of the people, it was clear that to bring in any kind of change, we need to educate them about the harmful setbacks of careless waste management. Through our volunteers, we were able to create awareness among the various communities in Pune and we have even given
them machines that will allow them to deal with their wet wastes without any help from outside parties. With our years of experience, we can say that we are amongst the very few companies that have a proper waste management recycling process. Our work starts by collecting the waste, where our vendors will collect it from various parts of the city. After that, we segregate the waste and we recycle the products. Finally, we sell the recycled products on the market which makes it a perfect cycle” avers, Himanshu Singh, Founder, RadRap.

Letting their work do the talking, RadRap is putting forward a unique prospect for everyone who wishes to join them in their future projects and endeavors

Starting slowly during the initial days of the company, it took nearly two years for RadRap to record a significant growth percentage and since then, the firm has been growing leaps and bounds, clocking 150 to 200 percent annual growth rate. This impressive growth has helped the firm to invest more in state of the art technologies and the recycling plant is using IoT and Artificial Intelligence making the entire process more controllable, easily accessible and even more predictable. The operator can control the recycling plant from their houses itself and everything from the temperature of the machines to the time to fire on the cooling system is automated. Additionally, operations of RadRap are so good that the entire electricity needed to operate the facility is sourced from the recycling process itself. This has helped the company to create an impressive clientele that even includes the ISKCON Temples.

Letting their work do the talking, RadRap is putting forward a unique prospect for everyone who wishes to join them in their future projects and endeavors. “Recycling plastics and other dry wastes is helping us to create market ready fuels like petrol and diesel through our unique recycling procedures. These products have lower emissions and if produced on a larger scale it will even help the country to save some of the expenses that are incurred for importing fuel from the foreign countries. This will help the country in its economic development and because not many waste management companies are operating in this service vertical, the growth potential of this segment is unrivalled. We are also planning to expand this segement, which will also provide employment opportunities for many”, speaks, Himanshu. Aiming for a prosperous future, Himanshu and team RadRap are confident that with the right investors, the company will be able to expand their operations to five different states within the next few years.